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Create SQL Server Job

  • Right-click Jobs; then click New Jobs.
  • In the New Job Properties dialog box, on the General tab, in Name, enter a name for the job. The maximum number of characters is 128.
  • If you do not want the job to be able to be run immediately following its creation, clear Enabled. For example, if you want to test a job before it is scheduled to run, disable the job.
  • Under Source, select:
    • Target local server if the job should run on this server only.
    • Target multiple servers if the job should run on other servers. This option is enabled only if the server is a master server.
  • If you selected Target multiple servers, click Change. Otherwise, skip to Step 7.
  • In the Change Job Target Servers dialog box, on the Available Servers tab, click a server, and then click the right arrow to move the server to the Selected target servers list.
  • Click OK to return to the New Job Properties dialog box.
  • In the Owner list, click the owner responsible for performing the job. The default owner is the user creating the job. This option is available only to members of the sysadmin role.
  • In the Description box, enter a description of what the job does. The maximum number of characters is 512.
  • Click the Steps tab; then click New. Each job must have at least one step. A step must be created with the job before the job can be saved.

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