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Top Web Hosting List

The hosting market has changed a lot, many good hosting companies are no longer as nice as before. We need to make a fresh list of the current hosting providers who has been doing well. Based on the rules on how to choose a good web host, which hosting provider is the best from your general review?

If you’re familiar with any good web hosting service,  please List out the following
A. Hosting company official website.
B. lightspot offer
C. Any hidden fee?
D. Are they honest for their guarantee policy?
E. Do you have any experience with it? if so, just give it a general review.
F. What kind of website will be working properly on their server?


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Hosting service review

Service ProviderFeatureGeneral review

Best hosting provider

★★★ Best technical support Hostgator.com was founded in 2002, located in Boca Raton, Florida, is America’s most award-winning web hosting providers. Hostgator manages more than 5,000 servers, more than 1 million hosted sites.

HostGator ranked second in the business service industry and NO1. in Texas.


Reliable Hosting


★★★ Free Domain and unlimited website IXwebhosting.com was founded in 1999, data center is located in Hopkins, Kentucky, Will (Hopkinsville, KY).

IXwebhosting provides customers a full range of hosting program for both large companies or individuals, IX Web Hosting always able to meet the user’s choice.


Fast growing provider


★★★ Free Domain Webhost4life.com started the business in 1999, originally located in LA but moved to  Burlington, Massachusetts in 2010, it serves more than 20,0000 sites and fast growing, by using their new team’s  experience & technologies it will surely become more reliable.

Cheap Unix Hosting

★★★ Free Domain and unlimited website BlueHost.com was founded in 1996,located in Utah, BlueHost has been providing hosting service for commercial and personal sites with low prices and superior performance in a virtual hosting service. Bluehost is currently serving more than 240,000 sites.

Cheap Unix hosting

★★★ Free Domain and unlimited website HostMonster.com was founded in 1996, with complete equipment, excellent service in the industry, it has won a high reputation. As if their names were the same – the host industry beast. hosted domains are more than 450,000.

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